Perfecta Adult Skin & Coat Care


Promotes healthy skin & shiny coat , reduce inflammation and itching.

  • Protein and essential amino acids for growth of skin and coat.
  • Essential fatty acids help retain skin moisture, reduce inflammation and itching.
  • Zinc and copper to strengthen the skin and coat structure, reducing hair loss.
  • The B complex vitamins (B3, B4, B5, and Biotin) promote the regeneration and renewal of skin cells.
  • Vitamin E, C, selenium, turmeric and lutein extracted from marigold flowers are effective antioxidants.
  • Researched and developed by Betagro Pet Innovation Center.
500 g 1.5 kg

Perfecta Dog Skin and Coat Care help nourish and maintain healthy skin and coat, giving your dog soft, silky and shiny coat. Perfecta Care results from our experts’ thorough and careful selection of natural, fresh ingredients with high quality and safety. Every Perfecta Care recipe starts with human-grade fresh meat as the main protein source while other finest ingredients the sources for carbohydrate, fatty acid, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals. Free from corn, wheat, artificial preservatives, flavours and colours potentially causing allergy and affecting the body, Perfecta Care is, without doubt, the perfect nutrition you can choose for your dogs.

  • Protein 27%
  • Fat 15%
  • Fiber 3%
  • Moisture 10%

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