Fresh from the farm...
to a delicious meal

  • Fresh Meat #1 Ingredient
  • Promote a healthy immune system with and antioxidants
  • No wheat, no corn
  • No artificial additives, which might be harmful to your pet’s health

Carefully selected raw materials and high in nutrients

Good source of high-quality protein

The #1 ingredient listed on the package is very important that's why Perfecta uses fresh meat as the #1 ingredient. Because fresh meat is a source of protein rich in essential amino acids that are valuable for pet's physical and muscular development.

Brown Rice, Fruits, and Vegetables

Unpolished brown rice is a rich source of B vitamins and minerals. It's a complex carbohydrates that provides high energy and fiber. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables contain important phytonutrients (phytochemicals), antioxidants, and enzymes, as well as, natural vitamins, minerals, and fibers. They are sources of highly digestible carbohydrates that have been recognized to promote the pet's health and well-being.


Premium dog and cat food with fresh meat as the #1 ingredient. Complete and Balanced nutrition for all life stages dogs and cats.

Dog Food

Fresh Meat #1 Ingredient

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Cat Food

Fresh Meat #1 Ingredient

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Perfecta Care

Extra Care Nutrition for Specific Health Needs

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Therapeutic Diet

Tested by veterinary team

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