Because we understand the nature of cats as they love freedom, privacy and adventure, CAT n joy has invented and developed a food formula with 3-level protective powers to promote immunity so that your cats are healthy and away from any diseases around them. Developed by veterinarians and pet food nutritionists of Betagro Group, our cat food has seductive flavors, very ‘delicious’ tastes and complete nutrients to promote cats’ immunity so that they do not get sick easily and are always ready to play and be happy with us for a long time.

Immune Complex (Immunity Boosting Kibble) is kibble food enriched with 3 nutrient powers that promote and improve natural immunity.

Selected nutrients
for your beloved cat.

DHA supports brain development.
Taurine improves eye health and visual efficiency.
23 essential vitamins and minerals.
Prevent a hairball blockage in the digestive tract.
Complete and balanced diet to promote healthy growth.
Strong bones and teeth.
Healthy skin
and shiny coat.
Salinity control
to reduce risk factors of kidney disease.


Cat food developed by Betagro's veterinarians and pet nutrition experts, full of nutrients for cat's daily needs and also designed for all life stages.
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