Dog n joy Complete Salmon Flavor for Neutered Adult Dogs


  • L-carnitine boost metabolism
  • Weight management: food energy level limit
  • Bone & joint improvement: balanced calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D
  • Healthy skin & shiny hair: omega 3 & 6 and zinc

Neutered dogs have nutritional needs different from normal ones, so, to take better care of their health, Dog n joy has improved new dog food with a special formula. Our product is rich in protein with a controlled amount of carbohydrate, L-carnitine to speed up metabolism and boost weight control effectively, as well as Omega 3 for soft, nice, and shiny hair, apart from 10 crucial amino acids that dogs’ bodies cannot create itself. Your dog will definitely obtain complete nutrients for 9 primary physical and emotional well-being: smart, strong, good mood, good eating, ready to play, good defecating, sound sleep, clear eyesight, and nice hair.

  • Protein 28%
  • Fat 11%
  • Fiber 7.5%
  • Moisture 10%

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