CAT n joy Hairball / Skin & Coat


  1. Improve skin and hair
  2. Reduce hair loss
  3. Special fiber helps drive hairball in the digestive tract
  4. Omegas 3 & 6 and Zinc for healthy skin and shiny hair
  5. Prevent digestive systems from clogged hair balls
  6. Salinity ontrol to reduce risks of kidney diseases
  7. Taurine for eye care and visual efficiency
  8. 23 essential vitamins and minerals
  9. Choline Chloride for good neural systems
400 g, 1.2 kg.

Cats are clean animals. They love to take care of themselves by licking their hair causing their hair to fall. Once their hair gathers into hair balls, cats will suffer from either constipation or vomiting. To take good care of them and improve their health, CAT n joy has developed a special formula to get rid of hair balls and to nourish their skin and hair resulting in reduced hair loss. The unique fiber in this newly developed formula helps reduce the collection of hairballs and get rid of them naturally. Consequently, cats will specially be treated resulting in their strong health. Thus, they can live with us for a long time.

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